Drafting Film Matt for Copiers & Laser Designs.Offset.Plans.Also accepts pencil & ink

Double Matt Drafting Film (Matt Both sides)   for use with Photocopiers,and Laser Printers   (NOT INK JET PRINTERS)     

Matt Drafting Film for use with Photocopiers & Laser Printers.Designs,Plans,Offset Plates,Tracing   

A double Matt (coated both sides) Frosted Translucent Finish Polyester based,waterproof non-tear Film.

Popularly used by Architects for Designs and Plans. Also used for making Offset Plates.

This Film will also accept graphite pencil Markings,water soluble ink,and synthetic polymer leads.Also used for tracing .

People who work in the Architecture or Engineering business usually use the term Mylar when discussing matte drafting film

Double Matt Finish

90 Micron thick.

Non Adhesive backed.














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