SRA3 Transparent Copier/Laser Film 100 Micron x 100 sheets

SRA3 Transparent Copier/Laser Film 100 Micron x 100 sheets

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SRA3 Transparent Printer Film 100 Micron thick Film x 100 sheets

SRA3 size Transparent Printer Film 450mm x 320mm is slightlly larger than Standard A3 420mm x 297mm

so please ensure this is the size you require


Paperbacked thus eliminating any feed problems whereby there may be requirement for feed sensor activation.

Can be used with all leading brands of Monochrome or Colour Copiers and Laser Printers that can print on this size. 

( NOT INK-JET PRINTERS which require a totally different Film coating for Ink- drying- See ink-jet printer Film in Categories) 

450mm x 320mm

A universal Transparent Film with a Paperback to aid feeding and feed sensor activation.For use with virtually all Monochrome or Colour Photocopiers & Laser Printers (not Ink-Jet Printers) that can feed this size.The paperback is specially lightly glued on the shorter edge and simply peels off after producing the Transparency.SRA3 Printer Film.SRA3 Transparency Film.SRA3 Clear Transparent Printer Film.THIS FILM IS NOT FOR USE WITH INK-JET PRINTERS- See Ink-Jet Printer Film

 Product Ref: QR0347


Per 100 sheets