A4 Ink-Jet Superjet120 Transparent Film Per 50 Sheets

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 A4 Ink-Jet Superjet120 Transparent Film Per 50 Sheets
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A4 size Ink-Jet Superjet120 MicroporousTransparent Printer Film most popularly used for producing Silk Screen Positives

Instant dry permanent A4 sheets ideal for the creation of high resolution colour separations

Used for screen printing stencils or litho plate production

Specially formulated Micro-porous coating that allows the ink to dry instantly.

Approx 130 micron stable polyester.

Suitable for dye and pigment based inks.

Anti static properties.

An alternative Film to our  Peelable Top Stripe Film from a leading quality Manufacturer and superior to many other versions

For producing Silk Screen Positives with any Ink-Jet printer,and particularly popular with EPSON users

The Film does not require a peelable stripe to trigger the feed mechanism in some Ink Jet printers,as due to its slightly milky appearance it triggers any feed sensors.


Thickness approx 130micron

Boxed 50 sheets




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