A4 Transparency Film Thicker High Heat 125Mic: (per100)

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 A4 Transparency Film Thicker High Heat 125Mic: (per100)
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Transparency Film-Highest Heat-Plain Film

Fully coated both sides for toner adhesion.

Highest heat resistant,.thicker 125 Micron - Plain
Also popular with Silk Screen printers as this film can be used with Photcopiers and higher heat laser printers,

often referred to as Silk Screen positive Laser Film


Transparency Film for Black & White (Monochrome)Photocopier/Laser Printers,that can run hotter than normal and that do not require any paper back or Stripe,which are sometimes required for sensor recognition

Most Copiers would be able to feed this Film via the Manual Bye-pass even though they may need backing sheet/or stripe for the Main Feed.

SOME USERS SIMPLY LIKE THE EXTRA THICK QUALITY even though they could use the the standard 100 Micron Film

Boxed 100 sheets


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