A4 Trial Pack Backlit Film 195 Micron 10 SheetsTrial Pack

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A4 Trial Pack Backlit Film 195 Micron 10 SheetsTrial Pack
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A4 Backlit Film 195 micron Frosted Film,non tear and waterproof Film,for use with Light Box LED displays.


A Genuine Backlit Film designed specifically for use with Laser Printers and Photocopiers

Popularly used by Estate Agents for use with LED Backlit Window Displays.

A specially formulated frosted Polyester, coated for use with Laser Printers & Photocopiers, that allows back light to illuminate and enhance whatever Picture or Image is printed onto it.

The product is a non tear waterproof coated Polyester,heavily frosted finish,that only allows the backlight to  shine through.

195 Micron thickness produces exceptional results in any situation where backlit LED Displays are used


Whilst virtually all Laser Printers will feed this thickness easily it is best to check ,If you are using a Photocopier,that it is capable of feeding a paper equivalent thickness of approx 260gsm (as a guide).



10 sheet Trial Pack


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Backlit Film
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