A4 Size,180 Micron Thick - Clear Polyester/Acetate Per 100

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A4 Size,180 Micron Thick - Clear Polyester/Acetate Per 100
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A4 Size  Clear Transparent 180 Mic Polyester,often referred to as Acetate.

Clear,Pliable,heat resistant,and tough

Popularly used with Overhead Projectors for hand drawn Transparencies

Arts & Crafts Departments for designs,artworks,and stencils 

As an Overlay Film

Cover Film for Powys Parker Fastback Heat Binder

Sometimes -as animation Film or Cover Bind Film though it is much tougher  to punch than PVC which is normally used for Punch Binders (see Binding Film)

This particular Thickness of Polyester is also often used as a Cover Bind Film for Heat Binders such as

Powys Parker Fastback,as it withstands high heat temperatures without crinkling.





Per 100 sheets


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