A4 Original Satin White Finish Non Tear Paper 100 Micron per 100 shts

A4 Original Satin White Finish Non Tear Paper 100 Micron per 100 shts

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A4 White Plastic Paper, Non-Tear Copier/laser printer paper.Digital Print Media -White Satin Finish

This version is our biggest seller,with a fairly unique white satin type finish also available in A3 (see sub categories above)


100 Micron thick- White Aproximately equivalent to 125gsm Paper

Often referred to as - Digital Print Media Non-Tear.


This is our most popular product and is superior to many other Never Tear type papers,with exceptional multi-feed ability  overall appearance and finish. 

Of course you do not have to use on a Copier/Laser printer as it is also ideal for use as just a Permanent Handwriting Paper for handwritten signs tags plant descriptions etc.that are required to resist water. rain dirt grease,spills.etc A Waterproof Copier Paper

A Tear Proof Copier paper

A Grease proof Copier  paper

Toughest writing paper

For use with Full Colour or Monochrome Copiers & Laser Printers,a Digital print media

Our product can be multi-Fed due to its superior coatings. .

( NOT FOR USE ON INK-JET PRINTERS-Please enquire about available product)

100 Micron specially coated (BOTH SIDES) non-Tear White Polyester Copier Paper.produces stunning quality results.

The result is a fairly indestructible copy of any Document Photograph Artwork etc: as it is waterproof,tear proof plus grease and stains can be simply wiped away.

 Product Ref: QR0178

 Boxed 100 Sheets