A3 Premium Ink Jet OHP Transparency Film (50 Sheets)

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A3 Premium Ink Jet OHP Transparency Film (50 Sheets)
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Ink-Jet Printer Colour (or Monochrome)Transparency Film Sized A3.

The highest quality Ink-Jet film available in this Format

This is a Clear/Transparent Film which makes it most suitable for Overlaying,Designs,Plans,Projection etc.

A substantial number of our Customers are Silk Screen printers-often referred to as Silk Screen positives.

With peelable stripe along the edge to aid feeding compatibility with all Ink-Jet printers.

Produces bright vivid colours plus DENSE BLACK.

Ultra fast drying time.

This format is virtually the universal standard for all Ink-Jet Printers

The senor stripe can be simply removed after printing.


Due to the different Ink Formula Epson use,some of our Epson customers prefer our

Superjet120 Film,which whilst Transparent its Film base has a slightly milky appearance.

Popularly used by Silk-Screen printers for making positives,and Epson Ink-Jet Printers users

 Click here for Superjet120


Also available in A4.           Click here for A4.

Boxed 50 Sheets


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A3 Transparency Film For Ink-Jet Printers (50 sheets)
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