A3 Transparency Film For Ink-Jet Printers (25 Sheets)

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 A3 Transparency Film For Ink-Jet Printers (25 Sheets)
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Ink-Jet Printer Colour (or Monochrome)Transparency Film Sized A3.

This is a Clear Film which makes it most suitable for Overlaying,Designs,Plans,Projection etc.

A substantial number of our Customers are Silk Screen printers-often referred to as Silk Screen positives.

With peelable stripe along the edge to aid feeding compatibility with all Ink-Jet printers.

The highest quality Ink-Jet film available

Produces bright vivid colours plus DENSE BLACK.

Ultra fast drying time.

This format is virtually the universal standard for all Ink-Jet Printers including Hewlett-Packard.


Due to the different Ink Formula Epson use,some of our Epson customers prefer our

Superjet120 Film,which whilst Transparent its Film base has a slightly milky appearance.

Popularly used by Silk-Screen printers for making positives,and Epson Ink-Jet Printers users

 Click here for Superjet120


 CLICK HERE For Superjet120Click here for Superjet120

Click Here for Superjet120http://www.lloydpaton.co.uk/silk_screen_printing_positive_films_C127.html

Also available Also available in A4 Click here  A4.For A4   size click here 


Boxed 25 Sheets


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A3 Transparency Film for Ink-Jet printers (25 sheets)
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