Projector Rolls Heavyweight.10.5" (260mm) Width

Product Ref: QR0039
 Projector Rolls Heavyweight.10.5" (260mm) Width
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These can often be referred to as:- OHP Rolls.Overhead Projector Rolls.Write on Film Rolls & sometimes Acetate Rolls. Though for Overhead Projection they are now Polyester.

260mm (10.5") Overhead Projector Rolls

260mm is usually used on older Model Projectors,prior to A4 Models though the Elite Brand of Projectors often use this standard even with their A4 Projectors
This can depend on which Roll attachments are fitted.

Heavyweight approx: 80mm clear Polyester film is far superior in use than the standard thinner rolls

15 Metre length

Universal end Caps to fit Projectors with Roll attachments that take 10.5" (260mm) width rolls

Price per Roll


Product Model:
OPROL 75 260


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